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ACT Test Preparation

The ACT is America’s second-most-common standardized test for college admissions, and is more common in the Mid-West and South than on the coasts. Although most students take the SAT, almost all colleges and universities will accept the ACT in place of or in tandem with the SAT; many will be impressed if you submit both scores. Some scholarships are based on ACT performance. If you are considering taking the ACT, the best way to boost your score and your confidence is to study with a personal ACT tutor from Chesterfield Learning Center.



The ACT and the SAT are both difficult tests, designed to be challenging assessments of students’ knowledge and cognitive abilities. But some students perform better on the ACT than the SAT, and some find the ACT is a better fit for their college-application needs. The ACT might be a good fit for you if:

You get good grades, but your SAT score was not as good as your grades or academic performance in school. Students like this usually find the ACT is a better reflection of their talents. 

You read and write well and quickly, but your vocabulary is not great (SAT emphasizes vocabulary). The ACT is ¾ verbal – English, Reading, and Science – and gives you more questions but less time. That means if you’re a fast reader with good comprehension, it might be a better way to show off your verbal strengths.

You have good common sense when it comes to writing, grammar, and punctuation – you know “what sounds right” even if you can’t explain the specific English rule.  You also prefer to write persuasive or argumentative essays rather than write information essays that require perfect knowledge of lots of facts. The ACT English test is much more down-to-earth than the SAT.

You’re worried that you won’t score well. Unlike the SAT, which lets your chosen colleges see every score for every time you took the SAT, the ACT allows you to choose which score to report to colleges. If you think you will need to take the test several times to get a great score, choose the ACT. 

You know your stuff, but you just don’t do well on tests. The ACT feels more curriculum-based and will test more of the facts and ideas you have learned in school. In contrast, the SAT is actually a “reasoning test” that analyzes the way you learn, think, and solve problems – it requires greater comfort with test-taking strategy than the ACT.


How an ACT Tutors Can Help


There are many options for preparing for the ACT; Group classes, online tutorials, or books for independent study. But nothing compares to the value of one-on-one, individual instruction from our expert ACT tutors with experience guiding other students to ACT success. Our ACT tutors can help you boost scores, improve your confidence, and develop the skills to succeed.

In group classes, students’ individual needs are overlooked and the emphasis is on “tricks” rather than skills. Our ACT tutors begin with a diagnostic test and then create a unique learning plan, based on your specific needs, to build skills in critical reading, high school mathematics, and expository writing. Our ACT tutors have learned from their own experience, and from coaching many other students, how important it is to create and stick to a regular study schedule. They’ll help you set realistic goals and measure your progress. They can give you straight talk about how to improve study habits, develop greater concentration and focus, and budget your time during the test. They’ll make sure you understand how to get the most out of your tools – including a graphing calculator, which is allowed on the ACT – and can avoid common errors on the test.

Our test prep tutors will even coach you in study habits and strategies to manage stress and deal with exam-day jitters. Start studying and watch your scores climb!