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ACT Student Testimonial


Dear Dr. Martin and Ilene,

            I want to thank you both for the great help that you gave my daughter, Amanda in tutoring her for the ACT.  She needed to bring up her ACT score to be competitive in her choice of colleges.  As a result of Dr. Martin’s individualized attention, excellent knowledge and teaching style, as well as giving Amanda the confidence, I (and Amanda) am happy to report that she did improve her score by a significant amount.  

            It was evident that Dr. Martin and Ilene were invested in the success of Amanda.  They were amazingly flexible and Ilene, his wife, so patient in doing whatever to work around Amanda’s busy schedule in order to fit in the tutoring sessions.

            I want to thank, too, Thiason and Kelly, the Math and Science tutors.  Amanda improved significantly in both of those sections on the ACT too.

            I would not hesitate to recommend the Chesterfield Learning Center as a wonderful resource in our area.


            Karen  Steinman