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High School Biology

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Biology – the science of life. How does eukaryotic DNA replication differ from prokaryotic replication? How does natural selection inspire adaptations within a species? The study of macro and microbiology continues to evolve and there’s always something new to learn, which helps keep curious minds interested.

Biology is a challenging subject for many students because it often involves a great deal of memorization, whether it’s learning the bones of the body or the stages of mitosis. Most students take biology courses in 7th and 10th grade, with optional advanced placement courses later in high school. At each stage, they will be challenged not only to learn facts and understand biological systems, but to create experiments and write clearly and thoughtfully about their findings. For students who struggle with any of these aspects of biological science, or want to challenge themselves further, our experienced biology tutors can help.

The Benefits of Collaborative Learning

Chesterfield Learning Center’s biology tutors are not only experts in their fields, but they know how to motivate and inspire their students. We believe that our tutoring sessions should involve more than fact and vocabulary memorization – they should be a collaborative experience that gets students excited about learning. Because many biology classes require heavy textbook reading, our biology tutors are able to help students improve their note-taking and critical reading skills in order to keep up with assignments and rapidly comprehend the material.

Let our tutors assist with:


  • Cell Theory and Cellular Structure and Anatomy

  • Proteins and Amino Acids, the Basic Building Blocks of Life

  • The Theory of Evolution and the Processes of Natural Selection

  • Basic Genetics and Heredity

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Zoology and Species Classification