Does My Child Need A Tutor?

September 30, 2012 Comments Off on Does My Child Need A Tutor?

Parent Observations

Parents can determine if tutoring in reading is necessary.  Ask the child to read aloud and pay attention to how the words are read.  Does the child fill in the gaps with new words?  Are some words skipped?  Are extra words added to try to make the meaning clear?  Does your child go back to reread when the meaning is unclear?  Are alternative words used to make the meaning more clear?

Here are some typical symptoms that may indicate a need for tutoring:



Classroom behavior:



  • Missing 2 or more weeks of instruction
  • Falling 5 to 7 assignments behind in school work
  • Performance on chapter tests is poor
  • Deficiencies noted on midterm reports
  • Reading is below grade level
  • Gaps in grade level performance exist due to changing school districts or illness
  • Behavior problems develop as a distraction to avoid facing a lack of success in school



Student’s general behavior:


  • Poor test performance
  • Unsatisfactory grades despite knowing the material
  • Lack of success in school
  • Complaints about physical discomfort when facing a test
  • Lacks confidence in schoolwork
  • Unprepared for college entrance or career gateway tests
  • Cannot meet changing school requirements

Student’s drive to succeed:


  • Student desires to enrich and expand knowledge to accelerate school progress
  • Student wishes to excel in Advance Placement (AP)courses

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