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GRE Test Preparation

The GRE is the standard entrance exam to graduate school in the United States, and is accepted by many international universities as well. Slightly more challenging than the SAT or ACT, it is designed to measure analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and verbal reasoning skills. It assesses the way you think, reason, and solve problems, more than it measures knowledge of any specific subject. When you’re ready to prepare for graduate school, a GRE tutor can help you brush up on old skills and get ready to ace the test.

This test is challenging for most people who haven’t been in school full-time for a while. As a computer adaptive exam, the GRE is taken on computers at testing centers, and the questions presented vary depending on the student’s performance on previous questions. Preparing for the GRE is a major commitment, and a GRE tutor can help you make the most of your studying time.


The GRE Has Four Sections:


QUANTITATIVE (45 minutes)

  • 28 multiple choice questions quantitative reasoning
  • High-school level math (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis)

VERBAL (30 minutes)

  • 30 multiple-choice questions
  • Sentence completion, analogies, antonyms, and reading comprehension questions


  • Two essays: “Analysis of an Issue” essay (30 minutes) and “Analysis of an Argument” essay (45 minutes)
  • Tests for concise communication of ideas, evaluation of evidence, logical reasoning, and correct English


  • May be verbal, quantitative, or analytical writing;  consists of new questions being tested for future use
  • Score on this section does not count toward overall score, but the section is not identified as experimental


Nothing compares to the value of one-on-one, individual instruction from our expert GRE tutors with experience guiding other students to success. Aided by the best study materials, our GRE tutors can help you boost scores, improve your confidence, and develop the skills to succeed.

At Chesterfield Learning Center, our GRE tutors will help you review your scholastic skill set across several disciplines and tutor you on the best ways to negotiate these tests. Our tutors know the structure and strategy of the GRE, and can advise you on strategies and methods to succeed. Our tutoring service can help you create and stick to a regular study schedule. They’ll help you set realistic goals and measure your progress. They can give you straight talk about how to improve study habits, develop greater concentration and focus, and budget your time during the test. They can also provide a proctored practice test to become familiar with the structure and material.


GRE Subject Tests

Many graduate programs require applicants to submit scores on the GRE Subject Test relevant to the major. The GRE Subject Tests are written tests, typically administered at the same location as the GRE and last 170 minutes each. We have GRE Subject Test tutors to help you prepare for a great score on the following nine exams:


  • Biochemistry
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Literature in English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology