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High School Foreign Language Tutoring

We are conveniently located in the Midlothian area of Chesterfield County, Va. Give us a call for a Free consultation (804) 739-0861 with our Director, Dr. George Martin.

ALL High school foreign language courses usually follow the same general pattern of study:


  • 1st Year: Culture and history of the language; basic vocabulary; basic verbs like to be and to have

  • 2nd Year: Emphasis on grammar and language rules; continued vocabulary

  • 3rd Year: Reading texts and writing in the language

  • 4th Year& Beyond: More reading and writing with increasingly difficult texts

In an ideal world, students could learn languages by being immersed in a culture and surrounded by sights and sounds that reinforce their language learning. Acquiring a new language without immersion can be very difficult, and one hour a day in a classroom with other students will not get you to fluency.


Students who have the opportunity to study with fluent one-on-one tutors are more likely to retain what they have learned in class and begin making rapid progress in their new language. But our foreign language tutors are not just fluent speakers – they also know how to teach a language, which is an advanced skill in and of itself. Using proven techniques like memory aids, visual word-and-image associations, and comprehension tests, they’ll help boost students’ confidence as listeners and speakers of their new language.


Chesterfield Learning Center’s Foreign Language Tutors Can Help With:


Vocabulary Building
Conversational Practice
Current Slang, Idiom and Usage
History and Cultural Appreciation


Foreign Languages:


  • Spanish 

  • French

  • Hebrew

  • German

  • Latin

  • Japanese

  • Chinese