How To Study For Tests

October 15, 2012 Comments Off on How To Study For Tests

How Chesterfield Learning Center Tutors Help Students Study for Tests

Teachers often don’t have time

I often hear parents say that studying for tests is something that their kids do not know how to do. Parents often ask, “Do teachers teach how to study for a test in school?” The answer to that is some do and many don’t. There a several reasons why studying for tests is not taught by teachers–the most important is time. Teachers are often pressured to cover the curriculum, and they do not have time to show students how to study for tests.


High school teachers expect good study habits

Another important reason is that most teachers of high school classes expect their students to know how to study, and many teachers of middle school classes often structure their programs so that there is not a whole lot of outside studying needed in order to do well. So each points the finger at the other, and nothing gets done about it. Many schools have tried to institute “study skills” classes, with varying effectiveness. When these classes fail, they do so because there is not much emphasis placed on the class–the kids don’t want another subject that creates more work for them, and teachers often don’t want another curriculum to build from scratch.


Strategies to study for a test

At some point, a student needs to figure out how to study for a test. What many study skills programs fail to recognize is that each student masters material quite differently. Some students are the type that remembered what they wrote down, so their studying tended to take the form of organizing and re-organizing written notes. Others find they learn best by discussing the concepts and rehashing them verbally. Still others may find that reading and re-reading the material helps, perhaps using highlighting as a way to make certain points stand out. All of these styles are useful, and all of them can be helpful at certain times. Chesterfield Learning Center tutors can help your child find the right strategy for each class they are taking.


Developing patience in studying for tests

One thing students often lack with studying is patience. Our tutors see it with writing all the time. Studying is similar to writing, in that both are iterative processes that require revisiting and reviewing material repeatedly. Students often do not have patience for this. No matter what strategy students use, if they do not put in enough time, then it is not likely it will be successful. Our tutors help students sit through the studying process and then see the results–understanding and a higher grade on the test!


Work with your child as they study

If your child says she is done with studying, offer to quiz her. Have her demonstrate the knowledge. If she does not have it mastered, then she will need to spend more time. Also help her figure out how to spend more time. Offer some of the suggestions in the previous section: writing notes, re-reading and highlighting, discussing the topic with you or with a study group. Chesterfield Learning Center tutors can give suggestions to parents about how to help the student study for the test after the tutor leaves.


Motivation is key

Motivation is often the biggest issue in studying. Studying is often seen as “extra” work. When a student does not like a subject, or finds it boring, studying may be the last thing he wants to do. This is a classic problem of lack of motivation leading to lack of understanding, which leads to student way behind, and less likely to be able to catch up on his own. This is where some help will be needed–one on one attention is probably the best. See if you can get the teacher to agree to work with him. If your child is uncomfortable with the teacher, then you may want to look for a private tutor to help. Our tutors can help your child regain confidence in his abilities, which automatically raises motivation levels.

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