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Tutoring – High School Language Arts & Reading

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    Does your child:

    Have difficulty getting started with writing?

  • Struggle with organization and staying on topic?

  • Speak more intelligently and clearly than they write?

  • Struggle with getting their point across?

  • Struggle with writing comprehension?

To write well, you have to read well, spell well, have a clear understanding of what you are writing about, and be able to clearly communicate that understanding. Chesterfield Learning Center’s tutors  help students develop and strengthen comprehension, verbal expression, organization and structure. Because there is a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses in students , one-to-one writing tutoring is critical in working toward a student’s best writing.

 Students begin at a level where they have success and then build on that success. First, a student demonstrates the ability to read and comprehend written material and to conceptually image their understanding. Then, step by step, students move into list writing, constructing sentences in a variety of forms, note taking, and paragraph writing.

At the same time, students discover the structure of sentences in the elements of grammar and syntax. They become aware of the writing process, how to approach it on a step-by-step basis, and how to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments as they edit their work.

As they begin to evolve as independent writers, our students move from single paragraphs to longer and more complex pieces. Looking at this accumulated evidence of their achievements, they see they have the ability to conceptualize, organize and execute written work independently.

We focus on writing as a process. By practicing several short writing pieces, students are able to internalize the writing process. We also identify and strengthen the underlying issues that get in the way of great writing. Common themes include comprehension and expression, vocabulary and varied sentence structure, and grammar and spelling. We customize your child’s lesson plans to focus on the area they need the most help with.

 Students in all grade levels of high school are expected to become proficient in four types of writing: narrative, expository, persuasive, and responding to literature.  Narrative writing (also called descriptive writing) takes the form of stories, biographies, and autobiographies.  Expository writing (also called explanatory or summary writing) is represented by analytical essays and research papers.  Persuasive writing is meant to present and defend a claim.  Responding to literature is a form of persuasive writing in which a thesis is presented for consideration and supported by detail from the text.



We Strengthen:


  • *Editing*



    *Paragraph Writing*

    *Grammar and Syntax*

    *Sentence Structuring*

    *Expository Writing & Creative Writing*