Maximize SAT/ACT Scores, Get Into Top Colleges

October 1, 2012 Comments Off on Maximize SAT/ACT Scores, Get Into Top Colleges


When it comes to college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, people tend to have an opinion—good, bad or indifferent. But there is one point that is less contentious, and that is the significance of these tests’ scores in students gaining admission to most colleges and universities across the country. Regardless of one’s opinion about the SAT and ACT, the exams are enormously important events in a student’s academic life.


A low SAT or ACT score can tarnish an otherwise impressive record and can mean the difference between a top-tier school and a second-tier school. Furthermore, hitting target scores can often qualify a student for college scholarships or help recruited athletes get into the best programs. According to a 2009 report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, several studies have determined that coaching does have a positive effect on SAT scores, and that that increases as small as 10 points can significantly improve a student’s likelihood of admission for many colleges. Helping students get the highest possible SAT and ACT score is indisputably in their best interest.

However, these tests are unique academic experiences, and a lot of the tools and techniques that can benefit students on the exams are not learned inside high school classrooms. While students are expected to have a solid grasp of a certain number of concepts that they should have learned in school—such as mathematical formulas, vocabulary, or grammatical rules—much of the test is not content based at all, but rather tests a student’s reasoning ability. It’s less about what you know than about how you apply it.


This can make it difficult to address test subjects within the context of a normal class in school, because content is the primary goal of most classes. By the time most students take the SAT and ACT, their math classes are teaching concepts far beyond what they will need on the test. English classes in school often focus on literature, specific books and literary history, while the SAT and ACT test general reading comprehension without testing any specific literary knowledge.


Chesterfield Learning Center’s Director, Dr. George Martin, has spent years researching these tests to ensure that he fully understands the form, content, and tone of test questions, as well as how students can effectively relate to this material and learn from it.  It’s this expertise, paired with Chesterfield Learning Center’s tutors’ dynamic instruction, and our regularly offered  free practice tests that give students the tools, preparation, and practice needed to master these tests. If you’re looking for top-quality, one-on-one tutoring with study plans tailored to meet the unique needs and learning abilities of individual students, look no further than Chesterfield Learning Center. For students willing to put in the work, our program will undoubtedly maximize SAT and ACT scores.

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