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Middle School Students

Since Khoa has been attending Chesterfield Learning Center we have observed that his reading ability and vocabulary have drastically improved.  He has always excelled in Math and Science in the past, but your center has assisted my son in enhancing his comprehensive skill in all aspects of his education. 

Thank you. 


Dr. Khiem Tran & Dr. Tu-Van Tran



My son started having difficulty understanding the material taught in Algebra I (8th grade), towards the beginning of the second semester of the year.  He had been making B’s on his report card for the first two quarters.  However, after the first 4 ½ weeks for the second semester, he had a 59 average in Algebra I. 

 As a mother who wanted to help my son, I knew I would not be capable to assist him personally.  I quickly began researching learning facilities in the Midlothian/Chesterfield area to accommodate my son’s situation.  He needed help with his homework, help with understanding the first 4 ½ weeks of the nine-week period, gain a better understanding of the material currently being taught in the class and help studying for quizzes and tests.  We didn’t have time for my son to go through a program before he could receive help immediately.

 After considering cost, location, privacy for one-on-one teaching, facility quality, teacher qualifications, tutoring time flexibility, and available hours of operation, The Chesterfield Learning Center was the obvious best choice for us. 

 I chose a teacher on staff, who was a former math teacher at The Millwood School.  This piqued my interest immediately.   My son, after the second tutoring session, began receiving 100’s on everything.  He went from earning a 59/F average to having one point shy of earning a B on his report card, and in just 4 ½ weeks.   This Algebra I teacher also helped my son study for his SOL’s.

 In the fourth nine-week period of the same school year, my son also need help with Spanish I.  Again, there was a very qualified teacher who was bi-lingual.   My son again instantly started understanding the course material and his grades increase quickly.  The Spanish I tutor was able to help my son study for his year-end test of all of the material taught during the school year and his test grade results were wonderful.

 I could not have asked for better teachers for my son’s tutoring needs.  We received tremendous flexibility, as I had to move tutoring times around and The Chesterfield Learning Center accommodated me every time!  This facility was able to provide my son with better understanding, higher grades and increased self-esteem.  

 We returned to The Chesterfield Learning Center again this school year (9th grade).  As I began to look into the future and think more seriously about college for my son, I am comforted to know that PSAT and SAT/ACT preparation classes are also offered here, as well as assistance in writing essays.

 This facility was the perfect answer for our educational needs!


Vickie Kleb