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One-to-One tutoring for Students with Autism

Autistic tutoring can enhance an autism treatment program and help your child make progress in skill areas that need extra work. An autism tutor with specialized training can help a child improve in language, communication, social interaction and academics. Learn about autistic tutoring and find out how it can benefit your child.

Role of Autistic Tutors

Autistic tutors are generally certified teachers, student teachers seeking certification, consultants or therapists who are specially trained to work with students with autism. Many autistic tutors specialize in a particular autism treatment method, such as applied behavioral analysis, and have received training or certification in that specialty. There are also special education tutors who have experience working with autism students in a variety of treatment methods.

An autistic tutor generally provides one-to-one tutoring to help a student with autism work on aspects of an autism treatment program and academic subjects. A tutor can be especially helpful if focused work is needed in a problem area.


Benefits of Autistic Tutoring

According to a 2007 University of Southampton study in the UK, one-to-one tutoring can significantly improve the IQ of autistic children, especially young children. The two-year study compared a group of toddlers who received intensive one-to-one tutoring as part an early intensive behavioral intervention (EDI) program to a control group of toddlers who standard therapy interventions. The toddlers who received intensive one-to-one tutoring progressed significantly faster than the control group. In some cases, toddlers in the EDI program improved their IQ by 40 points after two years of intensive tutoring.