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PSAT Test Preparation

PSAT tutoring helps your child prepare for the test that could qualify them as a National Merit Scholar. PSAT test-takers also score an average of 120 points higher on the SAT than those who opt not to take it. The PSAT measures three areas:


Critical Reading Skills

Writing Skills

Math Problem-Solving Skills


Our PSAT tutors are expert test takers who can help your child build the skills and confidence necessary to earn a higher score on the exam.  Preparation for the PSAT helps students feel calm and confident on testing day, and boosts their chances to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. Our PSAT tutors teach students how to strategize for maximum test results, and work with them to build content area skills on the test.




What’s the difference between the PSAT and the NMSQT

The Preliminary SAT and the National Merit Scholarship Qualification Test are actually the exact same test.


When should my child take the PSAT

All students should take the PSAT in 11th grade in order to qualify to become National Merit Scholars. Many students also take the PSAT in the fall of 10th grade as a practice for the qualifying test they’ll take the next year in order to target areas of weakness.


How do I sign up? 

Many private and public schools register all students for the PSAT, but you should check with your school counselor in the spring of the year before your child will take the test. Only the school may request a test for your child; there is no online self-registration.


How can the PSAT benefit my child? 

Here are just a few benefits of the PSAT:

  • Improves SAT scores by an average of 120 points.

  • Supports college planning with a free personalized program to help students explore majors and careers.

  • Increases participation in AP courses, which make students more attractive to many colleges.

  • Provides entry into the National Merit Scholarship program as well as other scholarship programs.

  • Gives a good indicator of performance on other standardized tests such as the SAT.

  • Helps students target areas of weakness to work on for SAT preparation


How can a PSAT tutor help? 

The PSAT is a challenging test for many students, especially those who believe they are “not good test-takers.” A PSAT tutor can help students feel more confident and empowered as they take this test, which prepares them for the higher stakes of SAT, ACT, or AP testing in the future. Our PSAT tutors also emphasize study skills and time management skills that can help students perform better in school long after the tutoring sessions are over.