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If your child cannot summarize a story or answer questions about plot, characters, or setting, he or she probably needs help in reading comprehension.  Reading something aloud does not ensure understanding.  For example, some children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag think one phrase states “one nation, invisible…” instead of “indivisible.”

 Chesterfield Learning Center sponsors Chesterfield Reading Clinic.  Visit the following website for detailed information:

The longer a child experiences reading difficulty, the more difficult it is to catch up.  For example, a third grader reading at a second-grade level may eventually become a freshman with a sixth-grade reading level.


Reading Comprehension tutors will help reduce or eliminate the reading gap.  If your child or you is below grade level in reading, come in for a free evaluation.


Why Reading Comprehension Matters

Early in the process of learning to read,  many students develop poor habits that can go unchecked for years.  Trying to impress a teacher or hurry on to something more fun, they read too quickly or ignore words they don’t know.  A surprising number of students have advanced into middle school and beyond without adequately learning to read for understanding, and at that point, the homework load of textbook reading can feel very overwhelming. Weak reading comprehension skills can also cause problems with test-taking.  Students may fail tests, not because they don’t know the material, but because they don’t understand what the questions are asking. 

Guidance from a reading tutor will help a student improve in every subject, from math to social studies, and empower him or her to perform better on tests.

About Our Reading Comprehension Tutors and Program

Chesterfield Learning Center reading tutors begin by focusing on basic reading skills, correcting errors and helping students form new and improved reading habits. After your child’s skills are solid, reading tutors will incorporate pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading activities, such as asking students to predict what will happen next, guess what a word means, or summarize what he or she reads.  

Because vocabulary is crucial to reading for understanding, our reading comprehension tutors help students master grade-level vocabulary lists and learn roots, prefixes, and suffixes so they can interpret the meaning of unknown words. When Chesterfield Learning Center reading tutors assign writing activities like “I wonder why” questions and character perspective journals, students take their comprehension to the next level of creativity. 



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