Adult Tutoring Services

Chesterfield Learning Centers is pleased to help prepare adults for the following tests:

Tutoring for the Test to enter Nursing School programs.   TEAS


Tutoring to prepare for the  GED


Tutoring to prepare for the  GRE 


Tutoring to prepare for the Nursing Test after completion of degree program. NCLEX


Colleges and universities may use the Praxis I tests to evaluate individuals for entry into teacher education programs. The assessments are generally taken early in your college career. Many states also require Praxis I scores as part of their teacher licensing process.

We tutor to prepare for the PRAXIS 


The tutors at Chesterfield Learning Center have years of experience working with adult learners of all types:


  • College and university students who are struggling with a challenging course

  • Students who are taking a required class and need to pass in order to complete their major

  • Part-time students who have returned to school and need to brush up on the basics

  • Working professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge base and gain a competitive edge

  • Lifelong learners who want to obtain a new skill and expand their horizons


 Please click on the link below to see an example of a college student being tutored in earth science in a private cubicle:


$45 / hr

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