Elementary School Tutoring

During the elementary school years children are curious and excited about learning. Our caring tutors at Chesterfield Learning Center can help them develop skills and attitudes that will shape their academic performance for life. Our tutors will help your child form a love of learning and establish the building blocks of reading, writing, math and other subjects.

Establishing Positive Attitudes about Learning

Elementary children are impressionable and susceptible to criticism.  They easily pick up on and adopt parents’ or teachers’ anxiety about school. Our tutors act as liaisons among parents, teachers and students by engaging children in their studies and inspiring them in their work. This development of positive attitudes about school and their own potential as learners is as important as building academic skills.

Supporting Parents 

Although parents may have the technical knowledge of subject matter to help their elementary-school age child, they may not feel comfortable acting as a teacher. Furthermore, an elementary student may be more inclined to learn from a tutor than from a parent or teacher.  As trust develops between the tutor and the student, the student will become comfortable in revealing academic weaknesses and needs.  Our one-to-one tutoring and separate cubicles ensure you child receives customized lessons designed to meet specific needs.  As your child develops confidence, he or she will carry over that positive trait to the classroom. 

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Our tutors at Chesterfield Learning Center can help with any elementary school subject including:


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