High School Tutoring

Chesterfield Learning Center tutors high school students with various needs, whether they are preparing for a test in a few days or the SAT in several weeks.  We also help students prioritize and get organized so they can effectively balance their academic, extracurricular, and social lives.

 Our tutors can simplify complex subject matter and help students gain self-confidence.  Students at Chesterfield Learning Center do not have the pressure to perform in front of their peers.  Rather, they are free to ask our tutors to focus on particular concerns they have.  

Also, parents of our high school students sometimes say their children will not take academic advice from them.  Therefore, we partner with parents to share information about how they can follow up on the learning that takes place at our Center.

We provide professional tutoring in the following areas:

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We are conveniently located in the Midlothian area of Chesterfield County, Va. Give us a call for a Free consultation (804) 739-0861 with our Director, Dr. George Martin.



$45 / hr

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