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Speech and Language Therapy for Students K-12


Parents often associate the elementary school years ages 5 to 12, with “the Rs” – reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. The signs of academic struggles can be obvious, especially if a student is having difficulty learning how to read, write, communicate clearly, listen, and answer questions in class.

While these learning skills are critical, it is equally important that students develop the social thinking and related social skills necessary to maintain friendships and work in a group. If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, your child may benefit from Chesterfield Learning Center’s services.



Does your child:


Have difficulty with schoolwork or forget to turn in assignments?

Have trouble making or keeping friends or “fitting in” socially?

Have difficulty listening, following directions, or answering questions?

Have difficulty reading or understanding what he or she reads?

Have trouble with written expression?

Have trouble using vocabulary or expressing feelings, ideas, and experiences?

Have trouble producing language that is organized and intelligible?


Speech and Language Therapy for School-Aged Children


Chesterfield Learning Center offers comprehensive speech and language services, addressing both common and complex issues among school-aged children, including articulation disorders, tongue thrust, expressive and receptive language, auditory processing, and written expression. Parents often supplement school-based therapy with our effective tutoring programs.