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Elementary School Students

     I would like to take this opportunity to personally recommend Chesterfield Learning Center. I had begun the search a few weeks ago for a very specific type of tutor for my 6 year old. I had difficulty getting people to return emails and calls. Dr. Martin and his wife were prompt in returning my call and were able to set my daughter up on a program that I feel confident will serve her needs. Dr. Shelley Allen was engaging yet professional with my daughter. I would encourage anyone who is seeking proactive assistance with their elementary school aged child to give them a call. Support local business!!!


Dr. Martin & staff tutored my second grader in reading and writing. It has been a wonderful experience, because they also keep her up with her home work.

It was/is great! They are very accommodating on my ever changing schedule, have accommodating hours daily and are reasonably priced. They are warm and inviting.

Valerie Ziglar



My 9-year-old daughter is being tutored in math two times a week. She works one-on-one with Ms. Gall (who is awesome). The owners are truly concerned for each student and very helpful.

We started 10 weeks ago. Kate was behind in math. In this short time, not only has she caught up, she has gone up one whole grade! The services here are wonderful. Always on time, courteous, and helpful in any way!

Connie Condrey


After watching our first grader develop difficulties with writing, we approached Chesterfield Learning Center with the hope that they would tutor a child this young.  Our son even came home from school the other day and remarked, “Daddy, I really think Dr. Martin is helping me with my writing.” 

      They give him their full attention for a solid hour and listen to his stories in an effort to make what was becoming a “hated” activity into a fun creative experience that will have lasting effects in his life ahead.

Amy P. Wilkinson

Chesterfield County


     My daughter was at risk of failing 3 subjects her first 9 weeks of third grade.  In just 3 weeks of tutoring, Chesterfield Learning Center was able to help my daughter achieve remarkable results.  She not only passed, but earned honor roll status.   They are also Community Members with Clover Hill Elementary  PTA.  I feel very fortunate to have found Chesterfield Learning Center and highly recommend them to anyone in need of tutoring services.  

Joelle Hawkins

Clover Hill Elementary PTA, President