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SAT Students

     I sought SAT prep help at Chesterfield Learning Center, and it paid off greatly.  Dr. Martin was a fantastic tutor for both the reading and writing aspects of the SAT.   I truly felt the sincerity of everyone at Chesterfield Learning Center wanting me to succeed.  I ended up improving my SAT scores approximately 100 POINTS.  

     Dr. Martin also became a great mentor for me as he went above and beyond simply tutoring.  I truly attribute my acceptance to great schools like UVA to his expert advice that took my college application profile to a whole new level.  

                     Austin Tipold

Health Science Center, Cosby High School

If you’re looking for a place to better your ACT or SAT scores, prepare for these tests, or even get help in any other academic areas, Chesterfield Learning Center is the place to go.

  Dr. Martin and his wife, Ilene, are very kind people who truly care about your success in the field in which you are trying to better yourself. They are very flexible and willing to work with your schedule in order to make sure you can attend the tutoring sessions.

Chesterfield Learning Center is local and family operated, which makes it very convenient if you live in Chesterfield County.

Tara Parker,

Senior, Cosby High School


         I wanted to be sure to write you a note to thank you for providing such a great service for my daughter.  

         She needed to bring up her SAT scores, and as a result of the personalized attention she received from Dr. Martin at Chesterfield Learning Center, I am happy to report her scores did improve.  

         We are really happy we decided to invest in tutoring, which not only helped her improve her SAT scores, but also she shared that Dr. Martin helped give her some tips that improved her study habits overall.  

         Dr. Martin & Mrs. Martin were very helpful and attentive, and I would highly recommend Chesterfield Learning Center for parents who want the best overall experience for their child.

Thanks Again,

 Stacey MacAulay

Midlothian, Virginia