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SAT Test Preparation

We are conveniently located in the Midlothian area of Chesterfield County, Va. Give us a call for a Free consultation (804) 739-0861 with our Director, Dr. George Martin.


We have 24/12/ or 6 hours sessions available to prepare for the upcoming SAT test. Free practice test for all students enrolled.


The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly the Scholastic Aptitude Test) is the most-taken standardized test for college admissions in the United States.  Almost every American university or college uses the SAT, in tandem with grade point average, to predict students’ college readiness.  A great score can get you admissions letters, scholarships, and countless opportunities.   A mediocre score will limit your options.  A personal SAT tutor from Chesterfield Learning Center is the best way to get the score you want!


Many students wonder which of the big two standardized tests they should take.  Most universities will accept either;  some will be impressed if you submit scores for both  (a choice that says something good about your ambition and gives a more complete picture of academic skills).  The two tests differ in some significant ways.  The SAT might be the best test for you if:


Your PSAT score was good.  The PSAT is the “SAT Jr.” and the two tests are very similar in structure and subject matter. 

You have an excellent vocabulary, and know enough Latin and Greek roots to figure out the meanings of most words. The SAT’s verbal section heavily emphasizes vocabulary and verbal reasoning.

You know the formal English rules of grammar,  punctuation,  and spelling , and believe in following them.  The ACT’s writing section has more to do with common sense and everyday usage, but the SAT asks for formal usage. 

You prefer to write fact-based,  informative essays rather than persuasive or argumentative ones.  You recall facts  (history,  science, etc. )  easily and are good at using concrete evidence to support your arguments in an essay.  The ACT allows for more essays about abstract or personal ideas, while the SAT is more fact-based.

You are a good test-taker, and can easily figure out what each test question is really asking.  The SAT is a “reasoning test” and tests your ability to think, learn, and solve problems, while the ACT covers more of the things you learned in school and will use in real life.


How an SAT Tutor Can Help

There are many options to help students prepare for the SAT:  Group classes,  online tutorials,  or books for solo study.  But nothing compares to the value of one-on-one, individual instruction from our SAT tutors with experience guiding other students to SAT success. Aided by the best study materials, our SAT  tu
tors scan help you boost scores, improve your confidence, and develop the skills to succeed.

In group classes, students’ individual needs are overlooked and the emphasis is on “tricks” rather than skills. Our expert SAT tutors begin with a diagnostic test and then create a unique learning plan,  based on your specific needs,  to build skills in critical reading,  high school mathematics , and expository writing.  Our SAT tutors have learned from their own experience,  and from coaching many other students,  how important it is to create and stick to a regular study schedule.  They’ll help you set realistic goals and measure your progress.  They can give you straight talk about how to improve your study habits,  develop greater concentration and focus,  and budget your time during the test.  They will also coach you on how to manage stress and exam-day jitters.  They’ll make sure you understand how to get the most out of your tools – including a graphing calculator, which is allowed on the SAT – and can avoid common errors on the test.