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Middle School Language Arts

Sentences, phrases, words – they’re valuable on their own, but require a specific structure and set of rules for language to flow. That’s where a solid understanding of grammar comes in handy. Our expert tutors are here to help your child not only learn the rules of grammar and punctuation, but also learn to love them. Our English tutors can help students learn why we have rules of grammar: not to torture students with archaic rules, but to lend clarity and order to our spoken and written communication.

Our English tutors will blend rote memorization of grammar and punctuation rules (an important part of any education) with frequent writing and usage practice. Studying correct and incorrect examples of grammar and punctuation will also help a great deal and leave a lasting impression. Through this practice, students will be able to make the correct choices in their own writing, and differentiate between right and wrong answers on often confusing multiple choice exams.

Many people may feel punctuation is a lost art. Even if students are experts at expressing themselves through text message emoticons, they may not yet appreciate the subtle difference between “eats, shoots, and leaves” and “eats shoots and leaves.”  Our grammar and punctuation tutors are passionate about the placement of a comma and they value clear communication. More importantly, they know how to motivate students and help them succeed.

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