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Advanced Placement English

The Advanced Placement English exams are typically given in spring to juniors or seniors who are hoping for high test scores that will earn them college credit.  We have experienced tutors who know the exams and the coursework and can guide them towards success.


AP English Language

In AP English Language, students gain a deep and thorough understanding of language and composition.  They’ll learn to think critically and independently, develop advanced reading comprehension skills, and find their own unique writing style as they prepare for the AP English Language exam.  When students challenge themselves with advanced courses, one-on-one instruction is invaluable.


Our AP English Language tutors provide personalized attention, expert instruction, and can help students develop the confidence they need to tackle difficult subjects. Students will not only have the opportunity to earn college credit, but they’ll also be prepared for college-level writing, scholarship applications, and the very important college admissions essays.  Our experienced AP English Language tutors are here to provide students with the encouragement, advice, and support that will help them succeed.


AP English Literature

Where would we be without Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, George Orwell or Joan Didion?  In AP English Literature, students will gain a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for classic and contemporary authors and develop their own approaches to critical analysis.  They’ll learn to analyze literature through different perspectives – historical, psychological, feminist, deconstructivist, mythological, and more. Students in AP English Literature also learn to evaluate literature in the historical context of its time and the geopolitical place of its original audience, consider how a work has influenced society, and how its meaning has changed over time.


Many students need help with the complex material they’ll encounter in AP English Literature.  Our AP English tutors are experts both in English Literature and in strategies for succeeding on AP exams. Our tutors can help students earn a score of 4 or 5 on the AP English Literature exam, which can translate into thousands of dollars in savings on college courses.