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Elementary Social Studies


Remember the first time you saw pictures of an exotic country?  Or how you learned your first lessons in citizenship by voting in a classroom election?  Or the feeling of going back in time as a teacher vividly described a historical event?

Children’s experiences with Social Studies and History classes in elementary and middle school can be tremendously important in shaping their worldview.  The historical people and places they study build an essential foundation for more advanced social studies courses in the future. As children learn about government, geography, and cultures around the world, they’ll be exposed to new ideas and new points of view.  An elementary school social studies tutor can help students master these ideas and develop a lifelong fascination with history and the world around them.


Building a Foundation for Social Studies Success

With each year, children’s ability to understand historical facts and the complex relationships of history increases. With the help of our dedicated Social Studies tutors and History tutors, students will be better equipped to retain the information they learn and approach their work with a thoughtful, critical eye.

The Virginia State Social Studies Standards of Learning identify the following skills as building blocks that will prepare elementary students for future schoolwork:


  • *Appreciation of Differences*

  • *The Concept of Location in Time and Space*

  • *Analysis of Historical Documents (Maps, Letters, Speeches, Journals)*

  • *Basic Economics*

  • *Basic Geography*

  • *Interpretation of Research, Evidence, Point of View*

  • *Citizenship and Personal Responsibility*

  • *Virginia History and U.S. History*

  • *Ancient Civilizations*


Our Social Studies tutors and History tutors can help students begin to develop the critical thinking skills historians and social scientists use every day to interpret the past and present.  All of this becomes a solid foundation for their more advanced Social Studies in later grades.  Our Social Studies tutors and History tutors for elementary school Social Studies use classic texts, fiction, online resources, film, and hands-on projects to bring social studies for kids to life.

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