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Elementary School Math Tutoring

Math is more than memorization, and students need more than flash cards to make the grade. Because the skills your child learns in math are incremental, it’s imperative that they grasp one concept before moving on to another, or they may fall behind.

Our elementary math tutors “get it”; math isn’t necessarily fun for many students, but by incorporating interactive games and kinesthetic activities, they’ll be more engaged in their homework and more likely to retain what they learn. By teaching your child how to develop study habits and organization skills, they will be prepared for success in high school, college and beyond.


Building Foundations in Elementary Math


Elementary school is the time to master the foundational math building blocks a student will need for their entire life including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more. Through a combination of repetition and meaningful real-world application, our elementary math tutors can help students build the skills to do math on their own, and prevent them becoming calculator junkies.

This is also the time when they develop “number sense,” or an understanding of the rules that define and govern numbers and the way they work together. Elementary math tutors can help students practice until they internalize and master the concepts of fractions, decimals, telling time, understanding money, and the other essential concepts that will prepare them for advanced math later in their academic career.


Making Math Accessible to All Learners


Our elementary math tutors are trained to recognize and work with different learning styles – visual, kinesthetic, and more. Does your child thrive on music? Then our tutors will help create memorable songs to help them master and remember their math facts. There are many other creative ways to help students make sense of math and even enjoy the process, and our tutors know how to incorporate them into their lessons with ease.

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