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Elementary School Science Tutoring


Have you ever read the delightful Magic School Bus series with your children, and marveled at how the amazing teacher, Ms. Frizzle, makes each science class a fascinating journey of discovery? While we won’t guarantee that our tutors will transport your child into outer space or the human brain, our tutoring service chooses experienced elementary science tutors who can bring science to life for younger students.


Building a Foundation for Future Science Success


Elementary and middle school students gain foundational skills in earth science, biology, and more. These are important years for building the critical thinking skills that are a necessity for higher-level science courses. Students learn the basics of the scientific method and how knowledge is organized. They are taught to look for patterns in nature and they begin to practice metacognition, or thinking about thinking and learning. As young students in science class learn to analyze situations and evaluate their own assumptions, they develop skills that will help them throughout life.

That’s why it’s helpful to have a dedicated science tutor by their side to help hypothesize, experiment, explore and establish strong study habits early on. The personalized one-on-one attention from our expert elementary science tutors fosters curious, scientific minds that are more likely to succeed in high school and college. Our tutors can help students switch from viewing science homework as a chore to relishing the chance to solve mysteries through their study.

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