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High School Calculus


At its most basic, calculus is the study of change, and gives us a way to model problems and predict solutions in a variety of settings. This is an exciting time in history to be studying calculus (although some students may disagree). Computers have greatly increased the potential for mathematical modeling, and students can easily see applications of calculus in action. From the space shuttle to the NASDAQ, calculus shapes the modern world. 


For some students, calculus is a gateway to higher math and science. For others, this is the most advanced and difficult math course they will ever take, and represents the end of their formal math education. For either kind of student, a calculus tutor can make a world of difference in their ability to understand and master the crucial principles of calculus. 


Empowering Students to Understand Calculus 

Students who challenge themselves with this advanced course will be learning skills and information discovered by the greatest minds in history. But with derivatives, functions, interval notation, and more, it’s understandable that many students feel overwhelmed by their calculus assignments. The daily homework can feel overwhelming, particularly for high school upperclassmen with a heavy course load of AP or other advanced subjects. Parents, who perhaps never took the course or have not used their calculus knowledge in years, often feel unprepared to help.

That’s why we have experienced calculus tutors who know how to build confidence in their students and keep them motivated. Our calculus tutors know how to teach this complicated material in clear and understandable ways, so students can feel enthusiasm rather than confusion and excitement rather than fear. As experienced educators, our calculus tutors are the kind of instructors who will not do a student’s work for them. Rather, with patience and clarity, they teach concepts and study habits that empower students to be effective, independent learners.