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High School English

     High school English teachers have high expectations for their students. They expect them to read critically, to extract information and insights, and to form their own opinions about the things they read. For many students, the jump to this level of critical reading, writing, and thinking is daunting, but a high school English tutor can help them transition successfully and with confidence.

     The digital age may have paved a new landscape for education, but traditional English and writing skills are still essential for academic and professional advancement in almost every field. If your child is struggling with high school English, or looking to be challenged further, our expert tutors can give them the one-on-one attention they need.


Writing Tutors for High School English

High school English not only includes a heavy load of reading, but also includes high expectations for student writing. Students need to be able to effectively express their own opinions, create well-organized essays, and communicate factual information and instructions clearly in order to succeed. Our high school English tutors won’t write a student’s essay for them, but will help them get past writers’ block and foster and environment for collaborative thinking.

     By the time students are in high school, grades are very important as they make plans to apply for college. A strong foundation in English will help your child write an outstanding personal statement, and we have tutors who specialize in essay writing and the college admissions process.