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High School Geometry


Many students who self-identify as “bad at math” may find geometry a welcomed change for its visual and spatial qualities, including everything from coordinates to postulates to the Pythagorean Theorem. Our tutors know how to awaken students’ natural curiosities and help them value the math concepts they learn so that the tutoring sessions leave a lasting impact.  

 Chesterfield Learning Center’s geometry tutors will work through problems with students to help them understand – and remember – every step. This helps students recognize where and how they’re making mistakes, and correct their own work in the future and on exams. Also, by working with a one-on-one tutor, students have the opportunity to appreciate the improvements that they’re making and build upon them in a thoughtful way.

 Geometry is also one of the few higher-level math classes that almost everyone will use again at some point in their lives – while they’re hanging pictures, calculating how much paint to buy to cover four walls, or setting up their first vegetable garden. With the help of Chesterfield Learning Center’s one-on-one tutors and customized curriculum, your child will be on the road toward acing their Geometry class and building skills for life.

Chesterfield Learning Center recruits the best geometry tutors in Midlothian, Chesterfield County who can explain complex concepts like inductive and deductive reasoning, theorum and proofs, which are foundational for future math and computer science classes, in ways your child will understand be able to build on. 


Concepts Your Child Will Encounter in Geometry Include:


  • *Similarity and Transformations*

  • *Direct and Indirect Measurements*

    *Geometric Reasoning, Proof, and Representations*

  • *Two-Stage Experiments, Conditional Probability, and Independence*

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