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High School Trigonometry



When students have a handle on trigonometry, they’re better equipped in other math classes including algebra, pre-calculus and even astronomy. The skills they learn will build a valuable foundation with applications in several advanced sciences, but it’s not always easy to grasp. That’s where we come in.

 Trigonometry is an important foundational skill for future math, science, and engineering studies and careers. This is the point where math and science classes begin to overlap and connect. Chesterfield Learning Center’s trigonometry tutors can help students get the most out of their classes by helping them understand real-world applications of trigonometric exercises and functions like Algebra and Geometry.


Building Effective Study Habits for Future Success


 Chesterfield Learning Center tutors are math experts and talented teachers who know how to break down complicated concepts and make them stick. They emphasize effective study habits and organizational skills that will help your child for years to come. 

This is a level of math where technology can serve as an effective tool for greater understanding. Chesterfield Learning Center trigonometry tutors will help students understand how to get the most out of their scientific and graphing calculators without developing a dependency on the technology.


Subjects Using Trigonometry Concepts Include:


  • *Pre-calculus*

  • *Geometry*

  • *Statistics*

  • *Astronomy*

  • *Geography*

  • *Engineering*

  • *Physics*

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