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Reading and Language Arts Tutoring

Maybe your child dreams of becoming the next Mark Twain or J.K. Rowling. Maybe you hope he or she can grow up to read and interpret the news in a thoughtful and critical way. No matter what personal or professional path a student may take, assistance from English or reading tutors can help develop strong reading and writing skills to form a foundation for success.   

Our language arts tutors are passionate about what they do and committed to delivering results. Our tutors in English and reading are trained to work with all ages, learning styles, and abilities. Our one-to-one instruction will help your child progress to the next level. We offer expert, caring tutors in the following language arts subjects:


*Reading Comprehension*

*Early Reading and Phonics*

*Spelling and Vocabulary*

*Grammar and Punctuation*

*English, Grades K-5*


The demands on a child’s English language abilities change as he or she ages, but a good English or reading tutor can help at any point. With coaching from an expert language arts tutor, students gain the English language skills to succeed in all of their classes. 

For early grades, a tutor can help with recognizing letters, understanding sounds, building words, and deciphering meanings. Around 4th grade, the emphasis switches from learning to read to reading to learn, and a tutor can help with this transition. From that point on, reading is the primary way that students are expected to acquire new information, from taking notes on textbook chapters to reading instructions on a test. After that, students are taught to develop an appreciation for the artistry of the English language, and to learn how to express themselves through clear, accurate, and engaging writing. In any stage of language development, the guidance of a private English or reading tutor can help students gain confidence in their abilities and overcome their fears. 

Whether your child has a problem in phonics, reading fluency, or just doesn’t enjoy reading we are here to help. Please call us at 804-739-0861 for a consultation with our reading specialist, Dr. Shelley Allen.