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Middle School Math

Building New Attitudes about Math
Math is a subject that many people decide they’re “just not good at,” and begin building a mental block that can be incredibly hard to overcome later. More often than not, this is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than a legitimate weakness in math. A math tutor can help identify a student’s areas of weakness, and then turn them into strengths, helping build confidence and preparing them for a successful future. 

With Chesterfield Learning  Center tutors, your child will always receive personalized, one-on-one attention from experienced instructors who are experts in their fields. Through the use of rote learning, manipulatives, games, and other innovative teaching techniques with the help of our math tutors, your child will benefit from a new perspective on math and be more motivated to learn.

Supporting Families for Math Success 
Many parents struggle to help their children with math homework. After all, it’s more than just understanding the concepts – it’s knowing how to teach them. Sometimes parents may feel they don’t remember the higher level math, and other times children may resist their parents’ involvement. Our math tutors have the academic backgrounds and teaching experience necessary to teach complicated math concepts to students of all ages.