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Factorization, integers, order of operations… Pre-Algebra may be challenging on its own, but it’s also the essential bridge to more advanced courses like Algebra and Calculus. When more basic, foundational math skills haven’t been mastered in years prior, a student’s confusion could be compounded. Our expert Pre-Algebra tutors are here to give your child the customized education they need to get to the next level and prepare them for more challenging math and science courses down the road. Whether they’re struggling and in need of assistance or advanced and looking to refine their skills, we can help.

Many students first encounter Pre-Algebra in middle school, a transitional time of change in a new school environment. This is also the age when students may become increasingly resistant to math and quickly lose interest. Chesterfield Learning Center’s  Pre-Algebra tutors are patient and know just how to curb those tendencies, inspire motivation, and keep your child on track. Nothing builds a child’s confidence like a great test score or knowing they have mastered a difficult math concept.

Discovering Your Child’s Potential


Studies have shown that this is the age when some students begin to self-identify as “bad at math” – a pattern of negative thinking that can eventually shut many doors of opportunity to careers in engineering or the sciences. Our Pre-Algebra tutors take on the important responsibility of encouraging all students in all subjects, embracing the talents already present in each student, and finding the hidden abilities that have yet to be realized.

Chesterfield Learning Center’s tutors know how to identify a students’ unique learning style and work with, rather than against, their natural habits in mastering new information.

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