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High School Statistics


The old joke says that 99% of statistics are made up on the spot. The unfortunate truth is that many adults are unable to spot a phony statistic, or to understand and critically analyze the statistical treatments of data that we see on a daily basis. That’s why statistics is such a valuable course, and it’s important for students to have a dedicated statistics tutor to help them navigate challenging statistical concepts. 

 No matter the field or career path your child plans to pursue, statistics will be a part of their life. In technical and creative fields alike, statistics often plays an important role. For marketing strategists, psychologists, and politicians, statistics informs their work on a daily basis. With proper study and the customized curriculum from our statistics tutors, your child will be able to apply the concepts they learn throughout life, whether in deciding how to spend their money or how to critically consume the news. 

A subject where math and science meet, statistics includes concepts like probability, correlation vs. causation, dependent and independent variables, and inductive inference. With so much to learn, it’s no wonder that many students are perplexed by their homework. Fortunately for them (and you), our statistics tutors can help.

Chesterfield Learning Center only recruits expert statistics tutors who have degrees in math or science and years of experience with statistical information. They can teach the concepts of statistics in a clear and simple way, so students can make connections to the real world and understand their assignments. 

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