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Writing Tutors

Some rare, lucky people are naturally gifted writers.  For the rest of us, writing requires work and years of practice.  For students of any age who struggle with English writing assignments, Chesterfield Learning Center has experienced writing tutors who can guide you through the writing process.


Our writing tutors are experienced professional writers or English teachers.  They know the rules of grammar and can help students learn to master them, too.  They can help with a single assignment or create a long-term plan to practice and improve writing ability.


Our writing tutors are committed to helping their students learn how to write. That means they won’t write an essay for you! Instead, they’ll guide you through the writing process, from start to finish, giving expert advice and timely tips along the way. They’ll teach you to:


  • Brainstorm

  • Outline ideas

  • Create a thesis statement

  • Gather and organize information to support a thesis

  • Craft an introduction and conclusion

  • Let go of perfectionism and write a first draft

  • Edit for grammar, punctuation, and style

  • Edit for the “big picture” of structure, flow, consistent tone, and completeness

  • Prepare Bibliographies, references, and note

We also have writing tutors who can provide essay help with college applications, scholarship essays, or writing tests.